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Georgian Asomtavruli

Posted by iberiana on თებერვალი 11, 2011

Zurab Kapianidze, Teimuraz Mibchuani – Mankind’s First Alphabet. Sumerian-Georgian Asomtavruli-Majuscule

Mankind’s first alphabet whose creators were Sumerians, has been discovered. Georgians call this alpabet Asomtavruli (Majuscule) and they even used to employ it in the past. It is a cosmic alphabet, where the sun and the moon are used as letter-signs. Each letter-sign (35 in all) reads like a philosophical book. They contain mysteries of the universe, among them the sun and moon calendar with a precision to seconds, unknown to science up to the present time. The Sumerian language, considered a dead language for about four milleniums, is still alive in the ancient dialects of the Georgian language-Svanian and Megrelian. The Svan people living in the mountainous part of Georgia have saved the religious cults of the Sumerian pantheon of deities. This great discovery unveils a great many mysteries of our life. It can also become an ideological instrument of instituting peace, cooperation and unity among the inhabitants of the earth, which is sure to undermine all political or religious confrontation…



One Response to “Georgian Asomtavruli”

  1. Mildred Coffey said

    I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really great. Keep doing what you’re doing!!


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