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Abkhazia and Sochi

Posted by iberiana on თებერვალი 7, 2014

გამოვიდა კანადელი მეცნიერის, ენდრიუ ანდერსენის ახალი წიგნი “აფხაზეთი და სოჭი: 1918-1921 წლების კონფლიქტის ფესვები”, ინგლისურ ენაზე

Abkhazia and SochiAbkhazia and Sochi: The Roots of the Conflict 1918-1921

 Authored by Andrew Andersen

This book is about the roots of one of the conflicts in what is now a strategically important area of the world – the Caucasus. It provides detailed analysis of the military, political and diplomatic struggle for Abkhazia and Sochi in 1918-1921 between Russia and Georgia (temporarily Sovietised in 1921-91) and examines the major processes that fuelled the ethnic hatred in the region.

This region is one of those hot spots where polar ideologies and economic interests of major powers collide, but which somehow gets neglected by politicians and the media, leaving the small nations involved in the conflict at the mercy of their powerful and ambitious neighbour – Russia. The recent Russian-sponsored ethnic cleansing in Abkhazia is a grim reminder of how important it is to understand the volcanic forces that may explode the region, with dire consequences for the whole world…



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