Iberiana – იბერია გუშინ, დღეს, ხვალ

სოჭი, აფხაზეთი, სამაჩაბლო, დვალეთი, ჰერეთი, მესხეთი, ჯავახეთი, ტაო-კლარჯეთი იყო და მუდამ იქნება საქართველო!!!


Posted by iberiana on თებერვალი 21, 2016

IMG_0028[1].jpg“Tbilisi is Eden, fairyland city, built for delighting beloved people”–Charles Louis Montesquieu (1689-1755).

“I sighted almost everything in Tbilisi – Georgian heaven and I had not have worked so fruitfully during my lifetime, as in Tbilisi” – Alexander Duma (1803-1870).

“If not Tbilisi, there might be standing a mosque in stead of church in Vienna, as Jalal Ad-Dins, Genghis Khans and other Eastern Sultans and Shahs were crashed exactly on Tbilisi Citadel. Tbilisi stood, as European fortress from where enemies of the whole Christianity could only reach Europe weakened and emptied from blood.”– Karl Hugo Huppert (1902-1982).


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