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Kakhaber Pipia: “Abkhazian Statehood”– Myth or Historical Reality?

Posted by iberiana on აპრილი 1, 2016

 Kakhaber PipiaKakhaber Pipia:  “Abkhazian Statehood”– Myth or Historical Reality?

From the beginning of 20thcentury  Ru­s­­sian imperialistic forces and Abkhazian separatistically di­s­p­o­s­ed circles started planned, purposeful ideological battle aga­inst Georgian-Abkhazian cultural-historical unity. The separ­at­e­­ist researchers as much as possible are trying to “prove” as if Abkhazia never had been the part of Georgia and it had been de­­veloping independently. They were claiming unilaterally as if in antique period there had been already existed “Abkhazian na­ti­­onal state” and these researchers are carrying out pro­pa­gan­da of the century-old, 2000-2500-year history of “Abkhazian sta­te­ho­od” which of course, is a total absurd. In this situation, study of separate issues in the history of Abkhazia becomes especially topical. Presenting important issues of the history of Abkhazia from objective historical perspective will help Georgian and Abkhazian people in cultural reintegration, that is the basis for political unity…

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