Iberiana – იბერია გუშინ, დღეს, ხვალ

სოჭი, აფხაზეთი, სამაჩაბლო, დვალეთი, ჰერეთი, სამცხე, ჯავახეთი, ტაო-კლარჯეთი იყო და მუდამ იქნება საქართველო!!!

• Mankind’s First Alphabet II

♥ დამწერლობა – Geo Alphabet


Mankind’s First Alphabet

Sumerian-Georgian Asomtavruli-Majuscule





The First Alphabetic Mystery

Deities in the Alphabet


The Sumerian deity pantheon – gathering – of ancient Orient – seven deities.

What the great Ivane Javakhishvili and Ramaz Pataridze found out is a drop in the ocean. Our oriental deities will reveal so many mysteries with their contents, so much information of the ancient history that it will bring us to the beginning. And the beginning is the years 6504 and 5604 B. C.

Note: So much history – one may be surprised… I mean the history of religion, the history of numbers, the history of lines, calendar, the history of the universal civilization, the history of the written language, the history of the origin of languages, etc.

Here is the Sumerian alphabetic universal deity pantheon – gathering -the pantheon which created all the religious trends of mankind on the earth.

l. – Ani 2. Doni 3. Tani 4. Ra

5. Ghani 6. Tsani 7. Khari

An – the first god of mankind, the deity of ancient Orient. An -means moon in Sumerian, the first deity of the universe to be worshipped, the first sky, the first ruler of strength and weakness on the earth, the old moon -the moon on the wane. The moon by its closeness to the earth in the universe, according to astronomy, is also the first. A male deity, a mediator of the great god, the father god before the flood of the Sumerians, and after it, the oldest deity Ani – moon – Deshdish in the Svanian language, Tutashkha in Megrelian. the image of the moon, he is the mediator of the great god between the earth and the universe. The first neighbor in the universe gives us 364 days by means of a seven day cycle, 28 days and nights from the birth of the moon to its next birth – 4 seven-day cycles. The deities, the alphabet and the year obey the number 7.

Doni – the deity of day – the sun (I. J. T.B.R. P.) occupies the fourth place in the alphabet. Doni, in reality is also in the fourth place astronomically, as it is in the alphabet, if we begin counting from the moon. The sun, according to its system, is the fourth sky, a mother deity.

Tan – the eye, the deity of light, occupies the ninth place in the alphabet, it is the ninth sky. It is already beyond the solar system, the nine-eyed sun,

Ra – the deity, the Sun of Suns is in the nineteenth place. The Sun moves from right to left and from left to right in its system and it takes it nineteen years to rotate. The ordinal place of Ra-nineteen, corroborates this movement of the sun. R. P.

Ghani – Great God, the only one, invisible, creator of the world, the ruler of the skies and the world, the order of the universe.

Tsani – the dawn (“Tsiskari” in Georgian means the door to the sky, transl.) the queen of the sky, the daughter of the Great God, the gate to the sky, the same both in Sumerian and in Georgian.

Khari – is the name of the earth. As the sun is the name of the sun, and the moon – the name of the moon, so the name of the earth is known only to the Asomtavruli (Majuscule), it is – Khari.

Now Let us See the Way They Are Placed in the Alphabet

The First Letter-Sign of the Alphabet

The closest creature to us in the universe, the first neighbor of the earth, our first satellite, the mediator between us and the universe, Father God…

Male deity the moon anani in Sumerian, in the alphabet, in old Georgian by its image, is the moon!

The moon on the wane (old).

The old moon is the sign of strength, the new one – of weakness. For instance: the stake for the vine, cut in the period of the old moon, is a hundred times stronger than the one, cut in the period of the new moon; and who knows how the process of strength and weakness is revealed in living beings.

The moon begins and ends in a seven-day cycle. There are four seven-day cycles from the new moon to the old one, four weeks, four times seven days. It means that the number of the moon is seven. And as it is the moon that begins our alphabet, the alphabet also obeys its number seven with precision. That was the reason thirty-five letter-signs of the alphabet were strictly referred to in issue N2 of the newspaper “Sumer” – thirty-five consists of five times seven. We will deal with this subject again.

There is an old poem in the Georgian folk-lore that corroborates that the moon is a male deity:

“The sun is my mother,

The moon is my father,

And groups and groups of stars

Are my sisters and brothers…”

If we generalize it, this short folk-poem amazingly unites us with the universe. It is also miraculous who its author was, what he meant by it. It is interesting if a similar kind of a poem exists in the world poetry. At any rate, Europe will not have it, and if it can be found in Asia, it is sure to be ours. Not only the alphabet, fairy-tales also confirm that it is ours. We will deal with this subject later on as well.

Now let us see how the Sumerians placed the deity – Ani – the moon – as the first letter-sign of the alphabet.

The Alphabetic Form of the Moon in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule) and the Meaning

of the First Letter-Sign

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





This is the form of the letter-sign. Its name is An.

Its body represents the moon on the wane.

The diametiical line on its head is the first sky.

The numerical significance is one as well.

The form of the letter-sign, looking like a moon, whose name is An – the moon, the diametrical line on its head, being the first sky, the ordinal number and numerical significance being one, corroborates the meaning of the diametrical line – its being the first sky. There is not a single letter in any alphabet of the world in which everything is united so harmoniously.

The alphabet is perfect when the form, name and number fit one another like this. We shall come across An again later, there is still something else to be said about its content.

If one looks into the Sumerian antiquities of the year 5000 B.C., this form – – occurs everywhere. Why does it happen that this sign of the Sumerian moon and sky and the first letter of our alphabet are precisely the same?


I wonder if anybody has taken a letter-sign from the sky for any of the world’s alphabets. The whole earth, all the peoples of the world look at the moon, but nobody has placed it in the alphabet as a letter-sign. It seems that only the Sumerians were able to see the moon.

The Newspaper “Sumer” No 6, July, 1992.

Day-Deity – the Sun

Two letter-signs – Bani – and Gani – are placed in the alphabet between the moon and the sun, between Ani and Doni, between the moon-deity and the sun-deity. It is the place and content of the sun-deity, its alphabetic form, the image of the sun, in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule).

Neither the alphabet, nor Mr. Ramaz Pataridze considers Bani – and Gani – , these two members of the Asomtavruli, to be the letter-signs of deities, but they have their own content, ordinal number and numerical significance; they have their own place in the alphabet.



The form of the



The name

of the letter-sign


The numerical










Bani has several forms in the Georgian written language. These are:

This letter occupies the second place and its numerical significance is two.

The geometrical outline of Gani is severe, it does not have any other form like Bani, it occupies the third place and equals three.

While speaking about deities, we shall not burden the reader with the explanation of the geometric and numerical meanings of Bani and Gani. We shall deal with these subjects separately, in a simpler way.

Doni in the Alphabet

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





The Fourth Place in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)

Is Occupied by the Alphabetic Form of the Sun – Doni

This is the form of the letter-sign.

It occupies the fourth place – the fourth sky.

Its numerical significance is four.

A Mother deity.


The Mother Number is Four

It is amazing how number four justifies motherhood, and how beautifully Mr. Ramaz Pataridze explains it: “Number four is the first number among the numbers from one to nine that can multiply in itself, two times two is four”. Who can multiply in itself besides the Mother God and the Mother Earth. This is the reason the motherhood of the earth is glorified (we will deal with this subject later), and the idea of mother in the poem about the tiger and the youth is praised. Here is the beginning of this beautiful poem, it could not have been written anywhere but in Georgia.

How beautifully the Sun God and its fourth place in the alphabet are united. That is why the Sumerians placed Mother Sun in the Georgian Asomtavruli in the fourth place and its numerical significance is four too.

Stone Age

I was rebuked for saying that the Georgians had not had Stone Age… What about archaeological excavations, Stone Age specimens… Bronze Age specimens, they asked me. What about them? Let them be blessed! It does not worry me at all. I will show you that there still are paleolithic people on the earth, not only the specimens found in the earth.

And generally:

We should study the Stone Age and civilization side by side. Not so as if the Stone Age existed and civilization did not or vice versa.

And one more thing:

All the songs of the world are the Stone Age for “Lileo”, “Chela”, Kakhetian “Mravalzhamieri” (wishing a long life), “Raeo chemo Dedao” (O Sun, my mother)!

The Newspaper “Sumer” No 8, July, 1992.

The Universal Deity of Light in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)

It is amazing that when one sees the Georgian alphabetic deities an impression arises as if one had seen the solar system and the universe from the outside. The one who knew the solar system and the fact that the sun occupies . the fourth place from the earth, and that it is really so, I cannot believe him to be a man of the Stone Age. Who will believe me that a man in the Stone Age knew that the sun, in its own system, occupies the fourth place from the earth, including the moon. Who will stand by the side of the Stone Age people and say that they had such precise knowledge of the skies. Here is an example of the Georgians’ persistence:

Once I read a small book, entitled: “The Thirteenth Century World Poets on Georgia”. In that book one of the travellers wrote: “I arrived in Iran, then moved to the Ottoman empire (today’s Turkey) and reached Iberia”. The Georgians persisted that it could not have been Georgia. In their opinion, Spanish Iberia was meant, as if Spain bordered Turkey and not Georgia. I would like to cite the sorrowful words of the son of Georgia – Pavle Ingorokva, based on Ilia’s, (famous Georgian writer, poet and public figure of the 19th century – Ilya Chavchavadze), Ivane Javakhishvili’s, Ekvtime Takaishvili’s ideas: “There can rarely be found other people in the world who know the history and ethnography of their country so badly as we do”.

The Oldest Sumerian Picture of the Eye

The Oldest Sign of Mankind

The Form – Tan

This is the deity of light in our alphabet. The Sumerian sign of the eye and light and the letter-sign Tan are precisely the same.

The Sumerian picture of the eye.

The deity of light,

the eye,

the god of light


the nine-eyed sun.

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





The ninth sky, it is already beyond the solar system in the cosmos. The greatest and the strongest number among the universal numbers is nine, it belongs to the deity of light. This is what Mr. Ramaz Pataridze says in his “Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)”, and it is true.

Why did the alphabets, older than ours, not use Sumerian signs of the moon, the sun, the eye in their alphabets as letter-signs, were they ashamed or did anyone prevent them from doing so?

Yes, the traces of the form of our alphabet are in the Sumer of 7000 years ago.

Once More on the Perfection of the Alphabet

I say it again – the alphabet is perfect if the form of the letter-sign and its name resemble each other. Tani proves its own perfection of the alphabet in the most precise and beautiful way. Our Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule) will prove its perfection a thousand times, but not a single alphabet of the ancient world will display its perfection in any of its letters.

This most beautiful picture of the eye has not been drawn by the whole world up to the present day, and if it has, it is sure to be Sumerian. They have not been able to create a better one because it already existed, and 7000 years ago at that.

If the deity of light is such a great deity, it should be connected with the great god – Ghani in our alphabet, and should preserve the seven-day cycles as well. If both these conditions are proved, the content will be as classical as the picture is. The reader will see it clearly too.

It occupies the ninth place, and its numerical significance is nine as well. It means that it is the ninth sky.

From the God of Light to the God of the Sun,

the Sun of Suns, from T to R,

from to , from Tan to Ra

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance













































These are the letter-signs from Tani to RA From to . I would like to say one more thing here:

The quantity of letters among the deities – from Ani to Doni, from Doni to Tani, from Tani to Ra, etc., among the deity letters in the entire alphabet, is subjected to some proportion, regularity. This regularity can be explained to us by mathematicians in future.

In the row of these given letters – Lasi is the twelfth month, it counts twelve months, i.e. the whole circle round the sun, the whole year (We will deal with Lasi in detail later on).

– Iie begins the third seven-day cycle (The seven-day cycles are a separate topic for discussion).

… And here is the letter-sign – Oni – . I am so fond of this letter-sign, after the deity letters I have drawn its ornament more than a thousand times. The picture of Oni is an astronomic circle with its tail, it is a very clever letter-sign. Look at – Oni, imagine the earth’s road around the sun, and its tail is the sign of the earth’s rotation round its axis. We will speak about it later. Only now let us digress from our discourse, or, maybe it is not a digression at all – I saw the badge of the Seul Olympic games and was amazed, it looked like this – – I wonder what the idea of this badge was, but the Asomtavruli (Majuscule) explains it in this way: the earth moves round the sun in its orbit, and at the same time rotates round its axis. The picture of this badge is part of the Asomtavruli letter-sign – Oni. Our newspaper research group, while travelling in Asiatic countries, will find out what content they put in the badge. It is interesting whether it will coincide with ours.

– the letter-sign – Ra occupied the nineteenth place after – Pari and – Zhani. Its numerical significance is a hundred.

Ra in the Alphabet

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





From Ramaz Pataridze’s Asomtavruli (Majuscule): What is the meaning of the ordinal number nineteen? The sun appears to be moving from left to right in its system – moves forward and returns to its place moving from right to left. It takes the sun nineteen years to do it. Mr. Pataridze says: the sun of suns, the god of sun occupies the nineteenth place because it shows this movement of Doni. I. e. the sun with its system runs around the sun of suns – Ra and shows the nineteen year – long movement.

The God of the Sun,

the Sun of Suns in the Georgian Majuscule – Ra

The name of the Georgian Majuscule universal god of sun, the sun of suns – Ra could be heard in many places in the ancient world. The sun of suns moved about in the sky and its name dominated on the earth among the ancient, but illiterate Egyptians. They did not have the alphabetic written language.

Here is the Picture of the Sun of Suns

in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)

Ra Rae Raeo

The Sun of Suns

The God of Sun

Mother of Mothers

This is the most magnificent classical form of a letter-sign.

There seems to be nothing in this letter-sign. It is simple. This picture does not seem to prove the perfection of the alphabet, in which the form and the name should resemble each other. Sometimes a plain appearance does not attract any attention, however, this plain appearance emits such a bright light. This is the genuine, universal sign which will speak for itself during the further research.

From the Georgian Asomtavruli God

of the Sun- the Sun of Suns _

to the Only Great God of the Universe

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance






















Ki – Kan



Each letter-sign conceals respective mystery and its own burden. There are five letter-signs between _ Ra and the great god _ Sani, Tari, Uni, Fari, Ki-Kani.

The Symbolic Form of the Earth

in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)

Ki , Kan

(Ki means earth in Sumerian)

It is the twenty-fourth sign in the Georgian Asomtavruli, it means twenty-four hours _ the time necessary for the full rotation of the earth round its axis.

– is the symbolic form of the earth and points to its rotation from right to left: – the right direction.

This movement will be confirmed later by a Sumerian clay tablet dated by the year 5000 B.C.

This letter-sign is placed beside the Great God in the alphabet, and is equal to the divine letter-signs. It is the most beautiful symbolic sign of the earth and has a classical form.

This word Ki _ the earth occurs with precisely the same meaning in a great number of Georgian words today.
According to the Majuscule, our earth is female among the moving bodies of the universe.

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance


Ki – Kan



This letter sign meant earth for the Sumerians.

We, Georgians, call the earth mother even today.

And the Sumerians addressed the earth as follows: Ki, earth, “Ninkhursanga _ Ninmarkh, i.e. a great lady _ mother, goddess, life-giver, lady, the sky’s wife” (S.N. Kramer). In this case the moon is meant by the sky, the world of the Great God – i.e. God Almighty.

This letter-sign _ Ki will be dealt with separately and we shall come across it with various contents many times.

The Image of the Great God

in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)

The twenty-fifth letter-sign in the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule) is the image of the Great God, the unique, the creator of the world, the ruler of the sky and the earth, the maker of the septuplets, adorned by them, decorated and gilded. The detailed analysis will follow later.

Glory be to You, great God, Glory be to You!

The Maker of the world, the ruler of the sky and earth!

Glory be to you, the unique one!

Help Your Georgia! Forgive me, o Great God, you have not entered your “Sumer” yet, and I have dared to appeal to you, but I cannot help it, Georgia is suffering from great hardships!

The center of the universe

– Ghani

This is the form of the letter-sign of the unique one, the Great God, in the Majuscule. It occupies the twenty-fifth place. It is the arch of the universe, and its numerical significance is 700.

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





This is the God that unites all the religions of the mankind. This is the purest source where all the religions of the mankind begin.

Glory be to you, the unique one and Great God!
There is no religion on the earth that knows His face so clearly with such an image, so precisely, and if there is one, its source is sure to be the majuscule, i.e. Sumerian for they are the first to have created the universal alphabetic letter-signs on the earth.

Great God of the Asomtavruli (Majuscule) World in Shota Rustaveli’s “The knight in the Panther’s Skin”

“He who created the world, almighty, powerful, breathed into all living creatures the breath of life from on high; gave us men possession of the world in all its splendour”…

and again

“O God, unique and glorious, who moulded our limbs and features ..” (Transl. By V.Urushadze).

The words said by Rustaveli about the Great God “who created the world” and Mroveli’s words about the Great God “The creator of the worlds, the ruler of the sky and the earth” have the same content.

The Greatest scientist of the World-Einstein _ about the Great God

Einstein felt this God when he said to Rabindranath Tagore: ” I don’t believe in the God you believe in, I believe in the God who subjected the world to a miraculous regularity”

The Return from the Great God to the Earth,

That is from Ghani – _ to Khari –

There are three letter-signs after the Great God Ghani to the deity Tsani: – Kari,

Shini and Chini. Then comes the divine letter-sign _ Tsani. Its ordinal number is twenty _ nine, its numerical significance equals 2000.

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





This is the form of the letter-sign Tsani _ the dawn, the door to the sky. Later on numbers will also attest to its form.
The Sumerians call the Great God’s daughter Tsani _ the door to the sky, and consider her to be the Queen of the sky. And the present-day Georgians call it “Tsiskari” (the door to the sky).

The door to the sky, the gate to the sky is an amazing name. It is also amazing that as a divine letter-sign it follows Ghani _ in the Majuscule, and this is what is so miraculous in this letter-sign: – Tsani is the reverse form of – Ani. The diametrical line of Ani which is placed on its head points to the road from the earth to the Great God with the moon, the sun, the god of light, the god of the sun, and leads us to the unique Great God of the universe. This inverted form of – Ani _ – Tsani has precisely the same form, only its diametrical line is at the bottom and means that we must get back to the earth from the Great god via the door to the sky, and the universal circle will close, passing by the deities, from the earth to the earth.

– Tsani is followed by the letter-sign – Dzili which also points to the downward direction, and its form corroborates it: the line, lowered from above, will make a circle, then it will follow the diametrical line and fall upon the earth’s circle. The wonderful letter-sign – Tsili also stands there. It denotes a circle, a year (we will deal with this letter-sign separately). Tsili is followed by the letter-sign Chari _ _ Char. It points to infinity, the deity – Khari is by its side, the letter-sign of the deity _ bull. This is the form of the letter-sign Khar (Khari means a bull in Georgian). The guttural kh – . This letter-sign looks like the bulls’ heads built in the wall of the entrance to the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, the guttural letter-sign Khari. There are innumerable Sumerian signs on the walls of the Svetitskhoveli. Our reader will get acquainted with them later.

If – Ki is the sign of the earth, Khari – _ is its name. For instance, if we go to the cosmos from the earth, the name of the moon is the moon, the name of the sun is the sun, etc. But the earth is called the bull (Khari). It is also amazing that the earth, as a cosmic creature, does not have a name in any language on the earth but ours.

Separately about the Letter-sign – – Khani

The palatal letter-sign Khani _ deserves special attention. What can be concealed in this letter-sign? It occupies the thirty _ third place and equals 6000.

Let us travel in the cosmos with the moon Ani _ and return to the earth with Tsani _ , what the alphabet must prove and close the universal circle by it. What does this mean?

We travelled from the earth to the Great God by means of the alphabet, we must get back, and this way back must be shown to us by the letter-sign Tsani _ which begins the last septuple unit. It begins the way back with its diametrical line which is at its bottom, and all the letter-signs of the last septuplet point to this way, from the Great God to the earth. It means that the reversed sign of the earth _ Ki should also be in the same unit. It looks like the . If the alphabet from – Tsani to Khari _ is composed as we have said above, the palatal letter-sign _ Khari is quite out of place here, and, seems to say nothing; its name _ Khan is also inexplicable. Neither Mr.Ivane Javakhishvili nor Mr.Ramaz Pataridze paid attention to this phenomenon. What is the matter? What is happening? Can the gods who created this alphabet have left something without any content?

Observe the letter-sign _ Khan carefully. It looks like a half of _ Ki. Now let us put two Khani _ s together topsy _ turvy and we will receive the reverse form of the earth’s sign It means that if it is correct the return from this boundless journey, from the moon to the earth, must be proved by this letter-sign by numbers, in the linear way, by a formula and by a Sumerian clay tablet of the year 5000 B.C. This is what is concealed in the letter Khan – . If this idea looks like reasoning, it will be proved later by a formula with the most beautiful precision.

Glory be to You, o God! It is difficult to believe that men created this alphabet, and 7000 years ago at that. It is a mircacle.

A More Obvious Way from the Great God to the Earth in the Septuple Unit of _ Tsani

– The letter-sign of the deity Tsani, the queen of the sky, the door to the sky, the inverted letter-sign of Ani – , with a diametrical line below, denotes the beginning of the way from the Great God to the earth.

– Dzili, the lowered line makes a circle, follows the diametrical line and goes down,

– Tsili, the circular movement of the earth round the sun, the year, calculating the way passed by the earth round the sun. The correlation of the circle length with its own diameter is 3,14. This is the letter-sign that conceals this number _ the pride of mankind.

– The letter-sign Chari denotes the infinity of movement.

– The letter-sign Khani. The symbolic sign of the earth is concealed in it, only in the reversed form . It points the return to the earth, the septuple unit of _ Tsani.

– This is the form of the letter-sign Khari. Our earth has its own name Khari, like the moon and the sun which have their own names. No other language other than Georgian has a name for the earth.

– The cross (jvari) is the end of the journey in the deities’ world, and at the same time the end of the alphabet. It states 8000 years from the birth of Adam, perhaps, it is also prophesied. In the year 2396 Adam will be eight thousand years old.

– From _ Tsani to _ Khari

The Deity Bull in the Alphabet

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





If the name of the earth alphabetically is Ki, the entire earth is called Khari. It states number seven to the number of the moon and the Great God by their ordinal numbers and numerical significance, according to Ioane Zosime, 3+4=7 and 7+0+0+0=7 units make a circle from the deity Ani to the deity _ Khari.

Astronomy is Religion

According to the Sumerians astronomy was religion! It means that those who were the first to know the universe and deities _ gods, were creators of religion as well! It was not religion that created science, science made religion!!! They built their temples on mountains in relation to the cosmos, and prayed when they established contact with the latter. They knew the way of the earth round the sun extremely well and with great precision, and when, in which zodiac (month) the earth moved, and what changes it underwent in each zodiac. Their calendar which we shall deal with in this book, is more precise than the calendar we have today. And what is more, the modern mankind does not know such a precise calendar, such a precise calculation of the earth’s way round the sun, as the Sumerians did. The established contacts with the Great God, the center of the universe, by means of the moon and the Great God made the Sumerians count the days, months and years according to the septuple units. They knew what a second, a minute, an hour was, and began their prayers and work according to the moon, for the moon is the mediator of the Great God and the regulator of strength and weakness on the earth. They knew only too well when they should work and pray in relation to the cosmos.

Note: I have a great mind to discuss these questions with the world scientists. They think that civilization came afterwards!… As to my research, it confirms that civilization was at the beginning of mankind and this is why!

I Wonder if the World Scientists Have Ever Thought of This

The Sumerains explained the origin of the universe as follows:

1. First the initial ocean came into being;

2. The initial ocean that was created first gave birth to a cosmic mountain which connects the earth with the sky.

3. The god having the image of man _ An (the sky) and the goddess _ Ki (the earth) gave birth to the god of air _ Enlil.

4. The god of air Enlil, separated the sky and the earth. While An raised (carried away) the sky, Enlil lowered the earth, his mother: Enlil, the god of air, and the earth originated together the world plants, animals, human beings and civilization” (Samuel Noah Kramer “Creation of the Universe” p.12).

The Birth of the Earth _ What is happening? What is the matter? Where from? How? In what way?

The period is described when the earth is born, when the earth was all covered with water and land emerges out of the water. I wonder if the mankind has ever thought who could have known, with such precision, in such detail and so concretely the history that existed millions of years ago.

The Caucasian Range also corroborates that the earth was covered with water. The marble of the Svani people living in the Caucasian mountains, contains the pictures of sea shells. Both this history and this alphabet are a wonder. What civilization created this alphabet, with what miraculous regularity numerous mysteries are enclosed in it is to be studied and researched by the world’s scientists and scholars.

Similar Words in the Sumerian Legend about the Birth

of the Earth and the Alphabet

Sumerian _ An _ the moon the sky, the first deity.

The Majuscule _ the meaning is exactly the same.

Sumerian _ ki _ the earth, the mother earth, En-Ki.

The Majuscule _ the meaning of the Lord earth is exactly the same.

Sumerian _ Enlil _ the Lord air. En- the Lord, Lil- air, breeze, spirit.

Svanian _ Lile _ the same meaning.

Sumerian _ En means the Lord.

En- the fifth letter-sign of the Georgian Majuscule _ means

the Lord.

This Fact of Similarity Allows Me to Declare

Here is the alphabet of deities that the whole world has been seeking and is still seeking, the source of all the religions, the places of worship of the peoples of the world, the gathering pantheon of mankind’s deities, the only alphabet on the earth which was the origin of all the alphabets in the world:

the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule) alphabet,

the moon and sun’s alphabet,

the deities’ alphabet.

the Mesopotamian written language, created 7600 years ago, the alphabet, is the source of the universal civilization on the earth. The harmony of numbers, lines, star movements _ mankind’s

first word

first letter

first deity

first number

first line

first fraction

first calendar

first only god, great, the ruler of the cosmos and the earth.

Our ancestor knew the sky, the cosmos and the earth very well as soon as he was born. It is confirmed by the mysteries, concealed in this alphabet.


Its being the first alphabet is confirmed by the ancient Sumerian documentary story about the creation of the universe which deals with the birth of the earth and in which the words occur that are used in our country. “Ani” _ the moon, “Ki” _ the earth and “Enlil” _ the air. Ani and Ki are preserved in the alphabet and speech _ and Kiana Lile is preserved in ” O Lileo”, a Svanian hymn. These names were spoken at the time when the sky and the earth were being separated in the universe. There were no other words in the world at that time but those of the Georgian alphabet, therefore this statement about the Georgian, the same Sumerian alphabet, is correct. Later on it will be proved by the linear and numerical civilization. We shall come across the story about the creation of the universe twice later on, once narrated and then depicted on the Great God’s Sumerian clay tablet of the year 5000 B.C. When the earth came into being there was no other written language or language but the Sumerian. The Sumerians wrote the history of the creation of the world. And this fact is interesting because at that time when the earth was covered with water _ it is the initial ocean, and there is no land. It was then that the words “Ani”, “En”, “Ki”, “Lile”, “Ghani”, “Chani” and “Khani” were used. Only after that land emerged from the ocean.

This interpretation gives rise to many questions: what is this civilization like, what kind of people were they that they were present at the creation of the world, that they knew about the birth of the earth and participated in this process? They wrote this history, how, in what way, where from?

This is the Origin of the Legend about the Mystery

Concealed in the Alphabet

There is a sun and a moon in the alphabet, Ani means the moon in Sumerian, Doni is the day, the deity Sun (I.j., T.B., R.P.). It is also interesting that there is not a single alphabet in the world that has taken its letter-signs from the sky; besides the letter-signs, the moon and the sun, the alphabet comprises the solar system, as it begins with the moon. The sun occupies the fourth place, and is the fourth in the solar system as well. And also, there are linear and numerical systems in the alphabet. It has the sun and moon’s calendar of the universe; the pantheon-gathering of deities; the alphabet contains astronomy, geometry, mathematics, religion; the letter-signs have their meaning and content; the ordinal number of each letter-sign, the number of its numerical significance, the name of the letter-sign, the septuple units, their linear formula, their numerical formula all possess content; as, according to the formula, their numbers and the meaning and content of each letter, expressed by these numbers do. And finally, the perfection of the alphabet and the existence of a single great god, his image and content must be the center of the galaxy astronomically.

The Solar System in the Alphabet

Mr.Ramaz Pataridze says that the first letter-sign in the alphabet _ Ani _is the moon, the first deity, and the fourth letter-sign _ Doni is the deity of day. The sun occupies the fourth place in the sky. I asked my neighbor, painter Givi Kasradze, to draw the solar system for me; he did, and I could not help expressing my joy, I cried out loudly _ Oh, how similar they are – the alphabetic solar system and the real one!… The first letter-sign in the alphabet is the moon, and Mr.Ramaz Pataridze calls it the first sky.

And if we begin counting with the moon _ the first sky, the day deity sun is in the fourth place. If the alphabet is created by the universal civilization, all its mysteries, concealed in it, must turn out to be true during the future research.

The fourth sky

The third sky

The second sky

The first sky




according to Ramaz Pataridze:Ani = 1. The number of Ani is one. It occupies the first place from the earth in reality, it is the first sky. It is so astronomically as well.

Doni = 4. The number of Doni is four, and if we begin counting with the moon, as the alphabet begins, the sun occupies the fourth place, it is the same astronomically.

Vini=6. The first six months of the year present the calendar of the moon. The way of the earth round the sun is correct. The second six months are to be corrected; it is so in reality, and astronomically, according to the Sumerian calendar as well.

Lasi= 30. It is the twelfth month in the Sumerian calendar, the zodiac of Pisces, Lasi is the same as fish, the twelve months of the year, twelve zodiacs. It is so in reality too. The multiplication of the ordinal number by the numerical

significance is a year _ 12X30=360+ the days to be corrected.

19. Ra= 100. The sun moves from left to right and from right to left in its system (during nineteen years); and it is so astronomically as well.

24. Ki = 600. Ki is the earth _and means the mother earth, its number in the alphabet is twenty _ four. It points to twenty-four hours, rotating round its own axis, and it is so astronomically as well.

This is what other meaning and content the numbers have in Ramaz Pataridze’s book:

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





The twelfth letter-sign Lasi i.e. twelve, it is not only 12-twelve, its ordinal number turned out to be 12 months, and multiplied by its numerical significance it makes a year. 12X30=360 days and nights, together with the days to be added and equilibrated. This is the numerical content of 12, and 30, in this case, is the meaning and content of the ordinal and numerical significance.

Fraction in the Alphabet _ the Greatest Order of the Circular Movement of the Universe

Ivane Javakhishvili states the identity of the circle and the year, and it is true, as one circle of the earth round the sun is a year. And Mr. Ramaz pataridze says that the correlation between the length of the circumference and its diameter _ the circular movement constant, is kept by the letter-sign _ Tsili; here is its place and numerical significance in the alphabet.

Ordinal number

The form of the letter-sign


The name of the letter-sign


The numerical significance





According to Ioane Zosime and Pythagoras’ rule four thousand is the same as four, and here are its numbers 3,1,4, and the letter-sign itself denotes the following:

= Circle

= Year

= Share

= Fraction

After the declaration of this letter-sign one must put a comma after 3-3,14-constant _ the correlation of the circumference with its diameter. This is where the father of mathematics took it from. The world considers this number to be Greek. Of Course, as the Hittites and Cappadocians deny this civilization, it can be called Greek.

Note: The content of 3,14 is the correlation of the circumference length with its diameter. The order of all circular movement of the universe.

The septuple Units of the Alphabet

– Ani begins our alphabet and it is the mediator of the Great God; the number of the Great God is seven; the moon makes the earth count a week, a month, a year by seven-day cycles. The number of the moon has twenty-eight days from birth to birth, and twenty-eight contains four seven-day cycles. The Great God rules the universe by number seven as well _ this phenomenon will be explained more vividly when the calendar is discussed. Here is the Great God’s place and numerical significance in the alphabet:

Ordinal The form of the The name The numerical

number letter-sign of the letter-sign significance

25. – Ghani = 700

According to Pythagoras and Ioane Zosime 25 is seven, 2+5=7, and seven hundred is also seven _ 7+0+0=7. The thirty-fifth letter-sign _ 35 is also seven; it contains 5 units, and while being discussed will confirm this number thirty-five many times.

Unreasonable persistence: someone persisted that there were thirty-seven or more letter-signs in their alphabet. It is a feature of the alphabet, in general, and especially ours, that all the thirty-five letter-signs are read as one letter; this last Hae and Hoe are not read as one letter. It is invented by unreasonable people and it is foolish to assert that _ Uni should be expressed by two letters. It is not characteristic of our alphabet. While reading the alphabet from Ani to Jani, it ends with J, read letter by letter. The septuple units do not end like this, we shall come across this phenomenon and its order many times in the alphabet.

An alphabet is perfect, when the letter-form points to the thing it signifies and the letter form corresponds to its name, i.e. it represents a form content union. For example, the Georgian letter-sign “ani”

Ordinal The form of the The name The numerical

number letter-sign of the letter-sign significance

1. – Ani = 1

Ani is the Sumerian and the old Georgian word for “moon” and the letter-sign form – -does look like the moon! It has a line over it pointing to the first sky , i.e. the first sky from the earth is the moon, and astronomically it is also true. Both its ordinal and numerical significance are the same and it proves its priority by this too.The alphabets existing in mankind cannot even imagine such a perfection – that the letter – form should express its significance, bear a corresponding name and harmonize with the numbers like this.

The Georgian letter-sign presents the best example of an alphabet perfection

Ordinal The form of the The name The numerical

number letter-sign of the letter-sign significance

31. – Tsili = 4000

The letter-sign points to a rarely attainable harmony of names:

= Circle

= Year

= Share

= Fraction

The letter-sign itself expreses the circle, the year, and a part of something – the same as a fraction, and has the same significance too. It calculates the circle the earth makes around the sun by its own fraction – the circle length ratio to its diameter – 3 3,14. It has been pointing to this number of time!

Sumerians’ Linear Civilization

Another Surprise

from Ivane Javakhishvili

As I was surprised by the words of my teacher Aniko who said that a letter-sign had its content, I was similarly surprised by Ivane Javakhishvili who demanded that the linear system of the alphabet be studied: “The oldest outline of the Georgian alphabet, its gradual development had not been studied yet, and still scholars tried to solve such complicated problems, as the origin of the Georgian alphabet; those who studied the origin of the Georgian alphabet and where it had come from did not have the necessary knowledge of the graphical development of either the Georgian or any other written language” .

The Linear System of an Alphabet?

What linear system is meant? What does Mr.Ivane Javakhishvili demand? What is happening? Does an alphabet have a linear system? How? In what way? Where from? Does any owner of an alphabet on the earth know why an alphabet needs a linear system, and if it has it, what may it be like? The world scholars make such a demand towards the alphabet. Has anybody studied the linear system of his alphabet? There is no example of the linear system of an alphabet being studied by any scholar on the earth.

Idée fixe is an idée fixe and curiosity is curiosity… This mystery had a great attraction for me, and I felt that there was something of this kind in the Majuscule (Asomtavruli), I had this feeling and I looked for this linear system, linear order for twenty years! Truth, how near you turn out to be, and how far we are from you, owing to our ignorance; how simply you deal with such immense wisdom, glory be to You, Great God, what wisdom you have sent to the earth-the alphabet…

Sleepless Nights

Night was the best friend of my thoughts. Daily activities, love, friends, wine, wandering about Georgia… When exhausted by this fuss I fell asleep, I usually woke up early; when the world was sunk in a deep sleep, and the noisy world did not call me, I knew that nothing was happening in my absence, and I felt calm and fell into reverie… Line and the linear system gave me no peace. I made drawings everywhere: on the ground, on the sand, on stones, table-cloths, paper and once I drew the letter-signs – Kani and Jvari together and received . I joined the missing lines and received a bikila, peculiar to us. Children’s game bikila in which two opponents are playing with three different colored pebbles each, is called bikilaoba (the pebbles are the size of birds’ eggs, river pebbles found in great quantities by the River Rioni). Besides that grandmothers and mothers bake small cakes of this shape for children (folded) and this cake has its own name _ bokhchuana. This is what it is like .

Sumerian Seals of My Village, My Racha,

Baking and a Folk Game

My Racha is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. Racha is situated in the natural depository of the Caucasus, in the gorge of the legendary river Rioni which begins in the Phasi mountain. That was why ancient Greeks called it Phasis. The Argonauts entered Colchis by this river; it was on the bank of this river that the Greeks fought against iron-hoofed bulls. It was also on the bank of this river that Ayet had his capital city, Ayet _ the most powerful king of Colchis who was known in the entire world as the son of the sun . This river is the beginning of the border between Europe and Asia in the mountains of the Caucasus. And my village _ Chrdil-Nakieti, situated on an enormous rock, was on the Asian bank of this river as well. This village has preserved a Sumerian children’s game _ bikilaoba. This village has also preserved the Sumerian and Hittite linear system by means of baking bokhchuana; this village has preserved Sumerian bread seals. Racha and the tradition, preserved in Racha, have kept all this from being lost. Glory be to you, my ancestor, eternal companion of life, for connecting wisdom, tradition with bread and having travelled for 7600 years, came to this day. The enormous civilization was revealed in my Racha and returned with blessing to the ancestor who was the first to bake bread, to make wine, to pour wine on bread and remember the souls of the deceased. Glory and blessing be to our great ancestors!

These Angulars

All the angulars found their places in this bikila _ bokhchuana with great order. Here they are in the bikila:

g e v i

k s kh j

In a word, this stage was completed by a formula of such a linear system – bikila.

Where Are the Others?

The angular letter-signs found their place in the formula, but where is the place of the other letter-signs? Or, do they have a formula? And if they do, it is interesting what form it must have.

Twenty Years of Research

Having found the angulars, I continued my search for twenty years. I wrote, made drawings, scribbled on everything _ on the earth, on the sand, on books, newspapers, napkins, on everything that availed me of the possibility of writing and drawing. I searched for that blessed nest of letters, and at last, the miracle occurred, and it was so simple, I cannot help smiling now. This event made me happy, and this happiness was the cause of such pride and joy, that it is beyond me to put it into words… The blocked road opened, and as the dammed river breaks through a temporary dam and begins to flow freely on its way, so I plunged into the Sumerians’ millenia.

Here is This Fortunate and Simple Event

One fine day, I wrote the name of this game – bikilaoba _ in Asomtavruli (Majuscule) and drew a bikila under it.

Here it is:

I drew a bikila, and decided to put the written letters in it. Goodness, something is happening!

And it did happen, the letter-sign took its place in the bikila beautifully.

How beautifully and with what precision it occupied its place in the formula! Is it possible that the others should also find their places with the same precision and order as was the case with the letter-sign -b?!…

The angulars are already in their places

Now let us see what _ Lasi will do!

Oh, God, some miracle is happening!

Then comes the letter-sign Ani – . It is quite different from the angulars and rounded ones, but , I feel that it also occupies its place, and with a beautiful order at that. Here is this moment.

Everything goes on all right, can already be seen. The other side of — a-will be filled up with a circle and Oni will find its place in the incomplete formula.

I entered these letter-signs into one formula – all the letter-signs found their places with a beautiful and precise regularity.

Glory be to you, Great God! Glory! I received a geometrical figure. The letter-signs drawn inside are not visible, they disappeared in the drawing, then the letters demanded their circles and lines, and what the formula began was finished by the letters. Here is a perfect bikila. I received a complete formula which will prove itself and say that it is mankind’s cosmic heavenly sign, the order and system of eternal rotation and movement.

To make It Clearer

Here Is the Perfect Bikila

Note: The formula has four sides, each letter-sign takes its place from the four sides with absolutely similar precision. This is the reason the four corners of the formula were filled in with the tail of Oni – . This formula is the bank of numbers, the linear system and order of the letter-signs of the Georgian Asomtavruli (Majuscule)… Not a single alphabet on the earth knows anything like this.

This is the formula that defines the origin of the alphabet with precision, it will reach its beginning, look over the world history, and raise mankind’s thinking and history to unprecedented heights.

This is the formula of our Majuscule that cannot be compared with any other alphabet by an enemy or a friend, and if it is done, it will make the history of spreading alphabets and the work of all scientists and researchers in the world, the subject of ridicule.

The Formula and the Asomtavruli Letter-signs

Besides this precise outline of the letter-signs of the Asomtavruli (majuscule) perfect formula-bikila does not present any other means of regulating the universal linear and number order.

Now let us place these heavenly letter-signs in the bikila.

– ani – in the formula

– bani – in the formula

– Gani – in the formula

– Doni – in the formula

– Eni – in the formula

– Vini – in the formula

– Zeni – in the formula

– Hani – in the formula

– Tani – in the formula

– Ini in the formula

– Kani – in the formula

– lasi – in the formula

– Mani – in the formula

– Nari – in the formula

– Iie – in the formula

– oni – in the formula

– Pari – in the formula

– Zhani – in the formula

– Ra – in the formula

– Sani – in the formula

– Tari – in the formula

– Uni – in the formula

– Fari – in the formula

– Ki – in the formula

– Ghani – in the formula

– Kari -in the formula

– Shini – in the formula

– Chini – in the formula

– Tsani – in the formula

– Dzili – in the formula

– Tsili – in the formula

– Chari – in the formula

– Khani – in the formula

– Khari -guttural –

in the formula

– Jvari – in the formula

This is what the formula has elucidated in the alphabet.



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