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•Armenians real history

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Armenians mislead by replacing real history with myths – Georgian professor


News.Az interviews Georgian historian, professor of the Sukhumi State University Guram Markhuliya.

 I would start my conversation with the direct question. Is the current Republic of Armenia the historical land of Armenians?

The present-day Armenia consists of the historical regions of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Scientists from different countries have not come to a single opinion about localization of the home of Armenians. The search continues.
What does the present-day Armenian state have to do with Cilicia which existed in the 14th century?

The present-day Armenia and Armenians have nothing to do with Cilicia. In 1045 the Byzantine empire terminated the old and unnecessary Anisian kingdom, while the population was partly moved and partly deported and settled in different internal parts of the empire,  a significant part of Armenians moved to the Georgian borders, weeping ‘save and give us shelter, our Georgian brothers! In some period, a definite part of Armenians turned out to be in Cilicia. The Armenian population in Cilicia, created their religious catholicosate, the church figures became the leaders of Armenian people in this sphere. Ruben I became the first Catholicos of Armenian settlers in Cilicia in 1080 and later Armenian historians raised the religious leaders to the rank of princes and when their fancy broke even looser they called them tsars. Thus the Cilician Armenian state appeared thanks to the ‘powerful’ historians of Armenia. Armenians are still searching their homeland in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and other countries. The strife to establish the Karabakh state, Javakheti autonomy for the further proclamation of this area as an Azerbaijani state is also the proof. It is possible to suggest with irony that the Armenian ‘intellectuals’ also plan to create the Cuban Armenian Republic, Armenian Republic of Makharashtra in India, and Gujarakert Republic in Gujarat state.
So, if we start speaking about the scientific fantasies of Armenian ‘scientists’, how can you comment on the statements of Yerevan professor Suren Ayvazyan that Great Britain owes Armenia a billion in an unknown currency and that he planned to sent a letter to queen Elizabeth the Second to at the Buckingham Palace with the demand to return the treasury of the Cilician Armenian state to Armenia?
As far as I know, Suren Ayvazyan sent this letter to the English queen in 2001, but I have no idea of the response sent to Yerevan. In addition, this appeal was published in Kommersant newspaper in 2001. I can imagine the frustration of Suren Ayvazyan after my suggestion but I do not think that the archives of the Buckingham palace has held the intensive search of the ‘lost check’ with the signatures of royal figures-Levon IV and Richard II throughout 10 years since 2001. On the whole, I think with the well-known British humor, I am afraid this Armenian joke was not understood in Great Britain.

Unfortunately, this is not the only Armenian joke. How can you comment on Ayvazyan’s study, according to which “Anglo-Saxons moved from Armenia to British isles in 15-10th centuries BC from the Angle-tin province of Fourth Armenia of the Great Armenia?

There is no doubt that Mr.Ayvazyan used the invaluable manuscripts kept in Matenadaran while studying this issue. According to them, had it not been for ‘Great Armenians’, the humankind would have stuck in the Stone Age.  While informing the world community about this purely Armenian vision of history, Suren Ayvazyan covers the dark sides of the world history with his torch, big like an Armenian nose. This Armenian geologists really believes that the word of three letters ‘ARM’ is under jurisdiction of the ARMenian people. All the same, it is ‘missed’ that we do not know where the Fourth Armenia and khais, like Armenians call themselves, located in the 15-10th centuries BC.

What is the main goal of all historical falsifications of Armenians?

Earlier you asked what the Armenian state has to do with Cilicia which existed in the 14th century. The fact that you asked this question proves the successful and productive work of the Armenian propaganda, spreading the historical lie. There has never been the Cilician Armenian state in history, however, the Armenian propaganda did what it wanted and I do not exclude that in some time such Armenian opuses like the myths of Suren Ayvazyan and people like him, will become a real history for ignorant people. It is this way that Armenians were misleading the world by replacing the real history with their own myths. This is how the concepts like Great Armenia, Armenian upland, Armenian plant and many others appeared together with the Cilician Armenian state, though, in fact there are no such geographical notions.

Akper Hasanov





Armenians want to annex Georgia’s Javakheti – historian

 01 March 2010

Armenian demands for autonomy in Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti region are a prelude to attempts to annex the territory, a Georgian historian has said.

Armenia has decided to contribute to policy targeting Georgia, Guram Markhulia, Georgian historian and professor at Sukhumi state university, said, commenting on Armenian diaspora demands for autonomy in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia.

The professor said that Armenian media print anti-Georgian publications on the need for autonomy and for Armenian access to the sea.

“Armenia will never get this. Today the Armenian nationalists think they can settle this issue. This will never happen. Georgia will never give its lands to Armenians,” he said.

He thinks that Armenians have no problems in Javakheti or in Georgia overall.

“Armenians are represented both in the parliament and government of Georgia. It is not true that they live badly there. Both Armenians and Azerbaijanis are equal to Georgians. There is no region in Georgia where the population lives better than in other regions. The economic situation is the same throughout Georgia. Armenians want autonomy in order to annex this region further to Armenia. These are their political ambitions and they strive to have access to the sea. This results in the ideological attack against Georgia. They hoped that President Mikheil Saakashvili would discuss the issue with the Armenian president,” he said.

“Armenians are aliens not only in Georgia but also throughout the Caucasus. They were settled in Azerbaijani and Georgian historical lands by the Russians in 1828. Meanwhile, Armenians in Javakheti came from Turkey and did not live in these lands before. Instead of saying ‘thank you’, the Armenian people are demanding autonomy in this Georgian region,” he said.




Armenian Diaspora demands autonomous region status for Samtskhe-Javakheti


01 March 2010

14033Russia’s Javahk Diaspora addressed a petition to Armenian and Georgian authorities, as well as independent international democratic structures.

In the petition issued, Russia’s Javahk Diaspora calls on Armenian and Georgian authorities, as well as independent international democratic structures to take urgent measures against discriminatory, anti-Armenian policy of Georgian authorities in Javahk.

Javahk Diaspora representatives urge for:

1. Immediate reconsideration of Samtskhe-Javakheti region’s administrative territorial division, with subsequent inclusion of Tsalka municipality.

2. Introduction of amendments to Georgian Constitution, stipulating for granting the status of autonomous region to Samtskhe-Javakheti, renaming it as Javahk autonomous region.

3. Provision of regional language status for the Armenian language and cessation of forced assimilation.

4. Legal status provision to Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia and return of secularized Armenian churches, relics and historic monuments.

5. Immediate cessation of police persecutions in Samtskhe-Javakheti-Tsalka region, termination of criminal prosecutions against Armenian activists.

6. Cessation of policy, forbidding transfer of Armenian textbooks and literature through frontier checkpoint.

7. Restoration of Armenian toponyms in Samtskhe-Javakheti-Tsalka region and Georgia.

In conclusion, statement called on social and political forces, as well as society representatives in Armenia and Diaspora to unite for protection Javahk Armenians’ rights and interests.








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