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Georgian Surnames



Dimitri Uznadze

Psychologist and public benefactor, founder of the Georgian scientific school of Psychology, co-founder of the Tbilisi State University (TSU), Academician and co-founder of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (GAS), Meritorious Science Worker of Georgia, Dr.Sci., Professor.


Dimitri Uznadze was born on December 2, 1886, in small village Sakara (Western Georgia).

In 1904 he graduated from the Kutaisi Georgian Gimnasium. In 1909 Uznadze graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Leipzig University (Germany). In 1910 he received PhD degree at the University of Wittenberg (Halle, Germany).

In 1910-1917 he was teacher of world history of the Kutaisi Georgian Gimnasium.

In 1918 Uznadze co-founded the Tbilisi State University (TSU). Other founders of this University were outstanding Georgian scientists Ivane Javakhishvili, Shalva Nutsubidze, Akaki Shanidze, Giorgi Akhvlediani, Andria Razmadze, Iosif Kipshidze, Petre Melikishvili, etc.

In 1918 – 1950 Uznadze was Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology of TSU. In 1935 he received Dr.Sci. degree in Psychology (full doctor).

In 1941 he co-founded the Georgian Academy of Sciences (GAS).

In 1941 – 1950 he was first Director of the Institute of Psychology of the GAS.

In 1946 Uznadze received title of Meritorous Science Worker of Georgia.

Main fields of scientific activity of Dimitri Uznadze were: philosophy, history of philosophy, theory of upbringing, experimental pedagogics, etc. He was also author of well-known Theory of unconscious psychological set and founder of Georgian school of the psychology of pedagogics.

Uznadze’s main scientific works are: “Wladimir Solowjow: seine Erkenntnistheorie und Metaphysik” (a monograph, in German, Halle, 1910); “Henri Bergson” (a monograph, in Russian, Tbilisi, 1923); “Untersuchungen zur Psychologie der Einstellung” (“Acta Psychologica”, Vol.IV, No.3, 1939, in German); “The Psychology of Set” (a monograph, in English, New York, 1966); “Psychological Investigations” (In Russian, English summary, Moscow, 1966).

Uznadze died on October 9, 1950, in Tbilisi. He is buried in the garden of the Tbilisi State University.



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